Do I Need A Realtor To Buy A House In Florida?

Do I Need A Realtor To Buy A House

Have you been thinking about buying a home in Florida? Maybe you are not sure as to what you need to do first. And maybe you are asking, “Do I need a Realtor to buy a house?”

Well, I can tell you that no matter what you are unsure of, one thing you need to have is a plan.

If you are currently renting, a few months before your lease begins to expire make time to go and talk to a mortgage lender. A mortgage lender can and will explain the type of loan, and the amount of loan, you will qualify for.

They will tell you if you need to “clean” some items off your credit before you can qualify. Knowing this information will help you when trying to find a home in your price range, and in an amount that you will be comfortable with.

Having a pre-approval or pre-qualification in hand will show a seller that you are a serious buyer. Next, get help from a Professional Realtor.

What Can A Realtor Do For Me?

Some people ask, “Do I Need A Realtor To Buy A House In Florida? I can search the internet for homes myself. I don’t want to pay anyone to search for me.”

The short answer is No. You do not need a Realtor to buy a house.

But when it comes to the real estate deal, a professional can help with negotiations so you do not overpay for your new home.

Real estate agents are also aware of things you should do when looking at a new home, and some things to avoid.

For instance, when looking at homes try not to talk negatively about the home. Sellers typically are emotionally attached to their home, and they want you to like their home.

It’s not a used car. A home is one of the largest investments many people make. There are memories in this home and its nice when sellers can see that the new owner will be able to enjoy those same type memories.

Here is another piece of advice a Realtor may offer to a potential home buyer:

Do not expect to make a “low ball” offer and have the seller thrilled that they got an offer.

Most sellers will resent the buyer for such a low figure and may not want to come back with a counter offer.

As a buyer, it’s important to compare like properties and be realistic in your expectations.

Using A Plumber To Fix Your Car…

You hire professionals for professional services. You hire a plumber for a plumbing problem, a mechanic for an automobile repair, and a doctor when you are sick.

Why would you not hire a professional REALTOR for real estate sales and purchases?

Realtors can guide you through the real estate process, and will be with you every step of the way.

It’s important to choose one who is qualified and who you feel comfortable with. No matter who you choose, make sure you choose a Realtor.

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