3 Questions For Home Sellers Having Trouble Getting Offers or Closing

I can’t tell you how many Sellers I have spoken to who are frustrated because their home hasn’t sold.

Many have decided to let their home expire and “wait until the market improves”. If you can relate to these 2 things and have experienced them yourself, I have some questions I want you to try and answer.

Last month an average of 15% of listing’s didn’t sell. They either expired or were withdrawn. Basically, the market rejected them.

To understand how this is possible and what makes the market “reject” them, we have to look at the three factors below that caused your home not to sell.

The Marketing Of Your Home

What was the marketing effort put into your home?

Was there a well placed, clean for sale sign in your yard?

Do the photos portray the many assets of your home?

Is there a Virtual Tour of your home?

It’s not enough to just put your home on the MLS. Most buyers are looking on the internet to find their new home. Internet marketing is a MUST!

If your home is not being promoted and shown through various social media channels and featured on any website, it could be hurting your chances of getting any offers.

The Price Of Your Home

Is your home priced appropriately for it’s condition and location?

Sometimes, the homes just aren’t priced correctly. Overpricing is fatal.

There is probably a lot more that I can put here, but it’s really quite simple. Homes that aren’t priced correctly suffer.

Your Home’s Condition

Is your home inviting?

Does it show well or is it in a “lived-in” condition? There’s a difference.

Typically the first thing a buyer thinks when they drive up is, “Will I be proud to invite my family and friends to my home?”

Did you think this when you drove up the first time?

When you walk into your home does it need to be de-cluttered? Is it light? Does it smell good?

Getting your home in the best condition when trying to sell is crucial for real offers. You want people to imagine themselves living there. If they can’t get past the smell or clutter, they may not make an offer.


If you couldn’t answer these questions or realized that you did some of the things above, don’t worry…these are things you can control.

If you don’t want to worry about these things, then hire a professional, full-time Realtor to market your home.

We are able to price your home appropriately, and will help keep your home in selling condition.

Remember it’s the SOLD sign that counts!

Call me and let me show you what I can do for you.

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